Death knight: Bone Shieldby Ehtiona
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follow for more soft white trash


follow for more soft white trash

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Broadripple is Burning (Original) 
By: Margot and The Nuclear So & So’s

Oh honey,
Broadripple is burning
And the girls are getting sick
Off snorting coke up in the bathroom
While their boyfriends pick up chicks

And darling, I’m lost
I heard you whispering that night in Fountain Square
The trash-filled streets made me wish we were headed home

And there was love inside the basement
Where that woman used to lie
In a sleeping bag we shared upon
The floor most every night
And darling, I’m drunk
And everything I that I have loved has turned to stone
So pack your bags
And come back home

And I’m wasted
You can taste it
Don’t look at me that way
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope
I’ll be hanging from a rope

And if my woman was a fire
She’d burn out before I wake
And be replaced by pints of whiskey
Cigarettes and outer space
Then somebody moves
And everything you thought you had has gone to shit
But we’ve got a lot
Don’t ever forget that

And I wrote this on an airplane
Where the people looked like ants
And when a woman that you loved is gone
She’s bombing east Japan

Don’t fucking move
'Cause everything you think you have will go to shit
But we’ve got a lot
Don’t you dare forget that

And I’m wasted
You can taste it
Don’t look at me that way
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope
I’ll be hanging from a rope

And I’m wasted
You can taste it
Don’t look at me that way
'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope
I’ll be hanging from a rope

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You are 12. You’re at the library looking for some generic young adult fiction novel about a girl who falls for her best friend. Your dad makes a disgusted face. “This is about lesbians,” he says. The word falls out of his mouth as though it pains him. You check out a different book and cry when you get home, but you aren’t sure why. You learn that this is not a story about you, and if it is, you are disgusting.

You are 15. Your relatives are fawning over your cousin’s new boyfriend. “When will you have a boyfriend?” they ask. You shrug. “Maybe she’s one of those lesbians,” your grandpa says. You don’t say anything. You learn that to find love and acceptance from your family, you need a boyfriend who thinks you are worthy of love and acceptance.

You are 18. Your first boyfriend demands to know why you never want to have sex with him. He tells you that sex is normal and healthy. You learn that something is wrong with you.

You are 13. You’re at a pool party with a relative’s friend’s daughter. “There’s this lesbian in my gym class. It’s so gross,” she says. “Ugh, that’s disgusting,” another girl adds. They ask you, “do you have any lesbians at your school?” You tell them no and they say you are lucky. You learn to stay away from people.

You are 20. You have coffee with a girl and you can’t stop thinking about her for days afterwards. You learn the difference between a new friendship and new feelings for a person.

You are 13. Your mom is watching a movie. You see two girls kiss on screen. You feel butterflies and this sense that you identify with the girls on the screen. Your mom gets up and covers the screen. You learn that if you are like those girls, no one wants to see it.

You are 20. You and your friends are drunk and your ex-boyfriend dares you to make out with your friend. You both agree. You touch her face. It feels soft and warm. Her lips are small and her hands feel soft on your back. You learn the difference between being attracted to someone and recognizing that someone you care about is attractive.

You are 16. You find lesbian porn online. Their eyes look dead and their bodies are positioned in a way that you had never imagined. You learn that liking girls is acceptable if straight men can decide the terms.

You are 20. You are lying next to a beautiful girl and talking about everything. You tell her things that you don’t usually tell anyone. You learn how it feels not to want to go to sleep because you don’t want to miss out on any time with someone.

You are 15. Your parents are talking about a celebrity. Your dad has a grin on his face and says, “her girlfriend says that she’s having the best sex of her life with her!” You learn that being a lesbian is about the kind of sex you have and not how you love.

You are 18. You are in intro to women’s and gender studies. “Not all feminists are lesbians- I love my husband! Most of the feminists on our leadership team are straight! It’s just a stereotype,” the professor exclaims. You learn that lesbianism is something to separate yourself from.

You are 21 and you are kissing a beautiful girl and she’s your girlfriend and you understand why people write songs and make movies and stupid facebook statuses about this and time around you just seems to stop and you could spend forever like this and you learn that there is nothing wrong with you and you are falling in love.

You are 21. And you are okay.


a thing I wrote after arguing with an insensitive dude on facebook all day or Things Other People Taught me about Liking Girls (via squidterritory)

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gonna teach you tricks that’ll blow your mongrel mind

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I don’t know why this is called the “Second Worst Line in an Anime EVER!” when it’s obviously the best ever.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam (by Kathy~)


Halong Bay, Vietnam (by Kathy~)

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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part I)

The St Louis County Council wasn’t as bad as Ferguson’s Council, but still very few answers and virtually no accountability from the folks who unleashed unholy hell on the residents of Ferguson, following Brown’s murder. #staywoke #farfromover


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Overemotional about Mass Effect characters and running out of alcohol. There are some issues here.

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Sometimes you need a drink. Or ten.


Sometimes you need a drink. Or ten.

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Dat me.

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OMG! I can’t believe it…It’s the official trainer battle theme for Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire! 

This theme sounds just amazing and this gets me more and more excited for the full game ! ♥

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